The Story. In 2010, a devastating earthquake hit the small island of Haiti. A group Goucher College students were so moved by the devastation of this disaster, that they developed a group called Imagine More… A Haitian Relief Effort Sponsored by Goucher Students. The students raised money over the course of a couple of months with all donations going to Haiti. They went out into the community to find sponsors that would donate products/services for a silent auction that they were presenting on campus.

The Design Solution: For the logo mark and the marketing materials, the concept of human connection and empathy was emphasized. The word “Imagine” consisted of a whimsical typeface since the focus was on imagining or helping to create something better for Haiti. The word “More” was created using a contrasting, bolder typeface which represented substance, hope, and a chance for stability in an unstable situation.

Although the purpose of the project was to raise funds for all residents of Haiti, the imagery used was of both an adult and child’s hand overlapping. This image served as a double entendre. The two hands represented the parents and children of Haiti as well as hands that are reaching out to aid the island’s children (which was one of the main targets in the marketing materials).

The students had a small budget, so the marketing materials were designed in black and white and were printed on natural, earth-toned colored paper stock to communicate a sense of warmth. With the concept’s focus on human connection and empathy, the emotional connection made the logo and materials a true success as the students raised $10,000 for Haiti.

Shown: The logotype, thank you card, flyer, and poster


Imagine More Logo


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