Something For Your Soul (SFYS) was founded by artist James E. Murphy. James struggled to find the next step in his business. Like many business owners, he had a challenge in of envisioning and positioning his business for future growth. We began the branding process by throwing practically everything out the window (except the very foundational cores of his business) and started with a fresh, clean slate. We began a new process of going back to his brand’s basic foundational philosophies and the reason for the business’s existence. We took him through our five-step signature system revealing tools that he needed to help guide him through the branding process.

Through consultation with TBNA, James gained a greater sense of clarity in how to leverage his brand through a deeper understanding and connection with the SFYS brand and its customers and began applying his brand to the internal, operational aspects of his business as well as to his marketing efforts. We also developed an action plan that positioned SFYS for future growth. Based on the insights that were unveiled during the consultations, we were able to give him a genuine, transparent identity that speaks volumes of his brand’s true essence.

Shown: The logotype, the Adinkra symbol used in the logo, the letterhead, the front and back of the business card, and the SFYS business envelope


Something For Your Soul Rebrand


Something For Your Soul

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Brand Consultation | Brand Development | Tagline Development | Logo Design

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