Midtown Community Benefits District is a non-profit organization that assists four communities in Baltimore City providing the communities with services such as safety patrol, tree planting, bulk trash removal and maintenance of the each of the four communities’ streets. TBNA reviewed Midtown’s previous communications and consulted with them regarding their brand and how they communicate with their target audience. The result was a better understanding of MCBD’s offerings, its philosophies and what they stood for. As a result from meetings with the client, we suggested a more personable approach in their communication efforts as well as the establishment of using certain key words to use in their internal as well as external efforts of dealing with the employees, shareholders, and the public. Through brand consultation and using the key words to describe what the organization stood for, we developed and designed the annual spring and fall Town Hall Meeting postcards and the trifold annual report brochure inserts which were placed in the Midtown’s residents’ water bills.

Shown: Annual report brochures and the fall postcards


Midtown Community Benefits District Semi-Annual Postcards and Annual Report Brochures


Midtown Community Benefits District

Services Rendered

Brand Consultation | Graphic Design

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