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Empower your brand.

Know your customers.

Create for them.

How can you empower your brand? How can you know your customers? How can you create solutions for them? Ask them, talk to them, get to know them, listen to them. What are they thinking? What are they doing? Who or what are they listening to? What aspirations do they have? Remember, even though you may be doing B2B transactions or interactions, keep in mind that B2Bs are filled with people running them—living, breathing human beings. It’s time to change the outdated conversation of business from “business is just business” to “business IS personal.”

Your business is not just about you trying to sell or peddle your products. It’s about making connections with people where human-to-human interaction takes place. Making money from your products and services is the by-product of your business successfully connecting with your customers.

People are not one-sided but have many facets to them such as personality, temperaments, experiences, the way they think, and so on. Your business communicates with real people, not numbers or abstract masses of people. Yes, I said it. The mass market is made up of individuals who think and act differently. It would be foolish to lump everyone together, not really thinking of them as individuals.

Speak your brand’s truth by authentically being who you are. One of the ways that you can empower your brand to create a positive, lasting impression with the people that your business is called to serve, is to get to know them. In getting to know and understand them, you’re better able to create products and services that will accurately cater to them. In my previous post, BL108: I Told Her, You’ve Got a Positioning Problem, I stated, “In becoming a master of helping everyone you become a master at helping no one.” What does this mean? It means that when you try to be everything to everyone you water down what your business has to offer because you’re trying to speak to too many people that are not in alignment with your brand instead of the right peoplewho need your help. Knowing and understanding the people that you serve or want to serve, allows you to create transformative products and services which will speak directly to them. In the BL108 post, I also discussed segmenting and honing in on a specific customer base (or niche) and going deeper in determining who it is that you want to serve using an ideal customer avatar. The ideal customer avatar is an excellent way to begin the process of creating a niche group(s) of ideal people that would benefit most from your brand. If you missed the post, you can check it out here.  Pinpointing your marketing energies and efforts on specific groups of people who have similar beliefs creates a connection between your business and the right people that are ready to receive it.

If you need help with developing a brand with absolute clarity and that has an undeniable connection with the right people that your business is designed for, click the big red button below to schedule an appointment with us.

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