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There’s a vast amount of information floating around the ether. We have information at our command at our very own fingertips. Search for “such and such,” and you’ll have a slew of information that you need in minutes. While having this much access to information is convenient, in a way, it can be a problem. You would more than likely, have to comb through pages of information to get what you want.

What if learning and growing with others in what you need help within your business or life occurred in a shared community of like-minded people? What if you had questions on how to do something and people answered you? Being a member of a group can be beneficial if you don’t know the answer to something that you need.

A community is full of knowledge banks.

A community is full of knowledge banks. What do I mean? I mean that each individual in it is a source of insight, ingenuity, experience, and so on.

Because there’s so much information that we can acquire, to me, in a community, there is no one person who is a thought leader. Those who share their ideas and experiences are all thought-leaders. There’s a togetherness, but at the same time, each person holds their own thought processes, intuitiveness, beliefs, and skills that they may or may not share with others. If a community is healthy, people don’t try to outdo one another or act as if they know everything because they know that what each person has to offer is significant and has value. Again, no one person has all the answers, thus bringing me to my next point.


Do You Need to Be a Guru or a Thought-Leader?

The guru complex has invaded many of our lives. Many of us believe (or may have regarded at one time) that because a guru had such success in their lives and businesses that the formula that they use must be the only path to achievement.

What if there was a place where there were no gurus—only power-users who helped each other rather than tried to attain the role of being a thought leader over everyone. No one person has all answers, so why do we act as if only one does or a handful of people do?

The truth of the matter is that YOU, yes, YOU, are a walking knowledge bank along with others. You have the answer to what someone needs as well as someone has the answer to what you need.

I’m not bashing the idea of becoming a thought-leader. I believe that becoming a thought-leader is a by-product of creating transformation in others’ lives. I’m only posing a question—Why does anyone try to aim for becoming a guru or thought-leader since thought leadership occurs naturally? What’s the motive? Is it that you want people to pay attention to you? Is it so that you’ll look or feel important? Is it to influence or control others? Or is it to help or challenge people to think differently?

The motive of attaining the guru status of thought-leadership is what requires discussion. I’ve had to ask myself the question, what is my motive time and time again, and have decided that the latter is how I think. It took a while for me to understand that everyone has the potential of being a thought leader in their way.

A community is a place where you can learn and grow with others.

What if you had people who shared their experiences with you in how they had a triumph or overcame an obstacle in their businesses or personal lives? What if you shared your experiences with them?

Everyone has knowledge in or of something as well as ideas, coupled with a plethora of experiences that they can share with others. In a community, information and community intersect where people can participate, learn, and grow with others.

Every community has different offerings. Some concentrate on education with courses and workshops. Others may emphasize people sharing a common interest around a product or service (Ex. Harley Davidson, Lego Ideas, and gaming communities such as VGR). The list can go on and on and on.

Being informed in a community—and not with just information, but with experiences—can arm you with the proper tools to help propel you in your business and or personal life.

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