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“Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”


–Ryunosuke Satoro


Do you know where the wealthiest place is on earth? Nope, it’s not the Middle East. It’s not Asia. And it’s not the United States. While these places do possess a great deal of wealth, they’re not the most affluent regions. The wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery. Many people die, never recognizing or using their gifts, talents, and skills to bring to fruition their dreams before they depart from this life.

Let’s face it. Life is pretty dog-gone challenging at times. And it can be even more challenging if you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur—not to mention there can be feelings of loneliness or of being an outcast. Some people don’t understand our journey, so they tend to tell us things like “Get a real job” or ask questions like, “Why are you doing that? You’re not making any money. “

These are challenges and voices that many of us have heard or are hearing, and they can paralyze us from bringing the next great thing into the world. Because the entrepreneurial/solopreneurial journey is not for the faint at heart, I’ve decided to introduce a mini-series about what community does for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs. In the Build A Better Business With Community series, I’ll share why being a part of a community is imperative to the health and growth of any entrepreneur/solopreneur. 

Community is vital for people like us because some people may not understand what we’re doing or the reason behind what we’re doing as we build out our vision for a better world. I discovered for myself how vital a community is—especially as an entrepreneur/solopreneur. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned pro in your journey, this series is for you.

Why Community?

Great people and great things do not exclusively grow and live in bubbles. As entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the ins and outs of establishing our businesses, developing products/services, and so on, without the feedback or input from others that understand or relate to the journey. As a result, we may have no idea as to whether we’re moving in a direction that will help us or our businesses grow. This is where a community can help with accountability. 

A community is a place of togetherness, a place where people may live or have the same or similar characteristics, goals, interests, or attitudes in common. It is the largest knowledge bank ever with a wealth of people’s real-world experiences, creative ideas, viewpoints, etc. And as an entrepreneur, it’s critical to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

Remember, as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, what we are creating is not about us but is about who we serve and help in this life. As we help others, what we do for others will reciprocate back to us by nature. 

Over the next few posts, I’ll share three main aspects of a community in this series—to be informed, to be creative, and to be connected.

Sometimes trying to understand how to develop your brand or communicate who/what your business is can be a bit confusing or even overwhelming. We can help. If you need relief in developing or gaining more clarity in your business when it comes to your brand, select one of the three options below. 

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