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I love Google Maps because it makes life so much easier when I travel.

All I have to do is allow my phone or tablet to locate where I am and the app then asks me where I want to go. I enter my specific destination’s street number, street address and sometimes my city, state, and zip code. Google Maps automatically gives me the directions step by step to get there. I’ve never entered something so generic as just the city and state. If I did, I’d probably get a gazillion different places that would pop up. I’m actually not sure of what would happen, but I absolutely know that I would not get a map and exact directions of where I wanted to go. Google Maps wouldn’t even know where to begin to send me because my destination wasn’t specific enough.

Where Are You Going?
Why is it that when it comes to business, a lot of people have a general destination for their business’s vision (if they even have one at all). It’s almost as if they can’t see their destination with specificity. You may have big dreams for your business but they will never come to pass if you don’t SEE yourself there first. And when you don’t see specificity in your vision, you can’t achieve greatness with a singular focus.

The only thing worst than being blind is having sight but no vision."

Quote by Helen Keller

In both your business and brand, you’ll need to have a specific destination in order to develop the right plan to get you there and have the results that you desire. Otherwise, you may find yourself going around in circles not achieving what’s possible for your business knowing that there’s a bigger dream at hand for you to reveal to the world.

The Power of Specificity

So where do you start?
Always start from the end when you are envisioning what you want for your business. Once you have and see yourself in that vision in three key areas—your mind, heart, and spirit—you can begin to work towards it and bring it into reality. Some key things to think about are what are you doing, how does your future look (or the ultimate goal for your business), and where are you?

Example of Specificity

Joe B. is an entrepreneur. Here are two types of statements that Joe B. can declare.
GENERAL: “I want to be rich.” (Not specific enough)
SPECIFIC: “I want to make $1 million so that I may travel the world and enjoy life by spending time with my family.” (Specific)

With specificity, Joe is clear on what he wants for his life and what he wants his business to create for him. He can now take steps that will lead him closer to his $1 million vision of freedom. For instance, he may focus on creating systems where he can put certain aspects of his business on autopilot. He also may take steps to hire people that can help manage it so that he’s not the one doing all of the work. He’d then be able to leave the business to go on vacation at any time. The business would operate just fine without him because he took steps to set it up that way.

If Joe’s vision wasn’t specific, he more than likely wouldn’t have set up systems that would propel him towards his vision of freedom from being tied down to his work. He wouldn’t be able to leave to go on vacation because he IS the business.

You can design your business around the life that you desire by being specific and can use your brand as a vehicle to position it to help get you there. When you have the ultimate vision of where you’re going, you can take the proper, explicit steps that will lead you to your specific destination. Distractions will only be an afterthought because you will know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go. You won’t be derailed with something that causes you to veer off into another direction. Also, it’ll be harder to fall for the shiny tactic syndrome when you have a definitive vision in mind. If you’re too general in your vision, you’ll fall for the latest and greatest tactics that will lead you further away from your destination, which in turn, will lead to making mediocre decisions reactively and even possibly burn-out in your business. Don’t experience burn-out but rather get specific in your vision so that your energy is not wasted in activities that do not propel you towards it. Also, specificity in your ultimate vision helps you focus on the very strategies and tactics needed to get you to your destination.

Having a specific vision requires focus and creating steps that propel your business towards your big dream. You’ll take formidable action(s) by creating the steps needed to make your business and brand accomplish the great, amazingly, awesome things that you’ve dreamed about. So, determining first what you want through specificity, you avoid becoming mediocre in your business and your brand. I designed a blueprint for you to get started in designing your vision with specificity. Click on the image above to download your copy of Vision and The Journey. Happy designing! 🙂

If you need help in developing your vision and brand with specificity contact us or consider spending a VIP day with me. I will be opening up my Boldly Branded VIP™ full- and half-days this April where you can meet one-on-one with me. In Boldly Branded™, you’ll gain clarity in the vision for your business and brand with specificity, you’ll walk away with a focused strategic plan for your brand and the product or service that your business offers, and you will have established clear action steps to help you get to where you want to go. I will share more about the Boldly Branded VIP™ program in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Click the button below to receive more information about the highly customized Boldly Branded VIP half- and full-day offerings or visit our Project Inquiry page and select Boldly Branded VIP.

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