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Bare. Naked. Vulnerable.

Being naked or vulnerable is not dirty. Nor is it a bad thing. Unfortunately, there are many people that associate negative feelings and or shame with nudity. Because society has brainwashed us into thinking that if your body is not fit (toned and built) then you have no business showing any part of it off. Lacking the “perfect body” (if there really is one), people often start to feel or associate shame with the bodies that they do have, so they cover themselves up. There are some brave souls out there that do not care at all what anyone thinks of them and just wear what they want. The good news is that we all need to be happy with ourselves whether we’re overweight, underweight or whatever. If you choose to make a change in your life regarding your weight then that’s cool also. My point is is that you need to accept yourself where you are.
But honestly, this post is not about your body, or dieting or any of that stuff but rather it’s about why The Brand Naked Agency exists and what it means for you. When we’re naked, we may feel vulnerable and feel like everyone can see the very real, true-to-the-core us. This, of course, is a major no-no in what society teaches. We’ve been told to fit in, do things in a particular way in order to be successful, or follow the next trendy, shiny tactic. Business today is experimental. Long gone are the days of emulating something that worked for someone else’s successful business by doing exactly what they did and then applying it to your own business and expecting the same results. So many factors come into play with each business and its brand such as how they solve their customers’ problems, the beliefs and foundational structure of the business, its brand culture, and so on.
Establishing more of your unique brand in the midst of every other business out there is about:
  • acceptance of your business’s quirks or idiosyncrasies
  • gaining and developing confidence
  • using your unfair advantage, and
  • discovering and utilizing your uniqueness in a noisy marketplace where businesses are trying to copy one another.

It’s about you delivering transformation in your customers’ lives while making a profit (and no, making a profit is not a bad thing).

After all, it is one of the reasons you’re in business.

In the previous post Bare It All, I mentioned of entering into an age where business is no longer done as usual by emulating exactly what someone else successfully does and adopting it fully as your own. Welcome to the new age of experimentation and innovation. This is the time to follow your own path with your own brand guiding you as you embark upon innovation and discovery. In this new age, innovation and discovery, must be accompanied by structure and flexibility. When you follow exactly what an already overcrowded marketplace tells you to do, then how will your brand stand out above the rest? You’ll drown and be conformed to the “Gospel of Sameness” just as many other businesses have done. Because of the multitude of voices out there, only the strongly, authentically branded businesses will survive in this day and age where the human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish (9 seconds).

With the rise of the age of information and technology, there is no longer only one way of having a uniquely visible brand. There are many paths to success. You just have to discover the right one that flows and works for you.
I’ve discovered that at times, you may need to become more vulnerable if you are to foster a deeper connection between your business and your brand before reaching out to customers. Sometimes you may need to undress in those god awful clothes (or tactics) that you may have covered yourself up with—clothes that do not fit correctly or clothes that don’t match your brand’s essence—and simply start over from your foundational basics on up. That’s what I did and boy oh boy has that given me clarity in my business’s operations as well as my marketing. 


Wait, what? Are you telling me to succeed less, do less, or be less?

No. The reason that this is our tagline is to encourage people to be free from the “ill-fitting clothing” that does not represent your brand’s true foundation. We must be determined to take off the clothes that the business world and gurus have tried to force us to wear and focus on discovering and utilizing our very own unique style of clothing. This is why our tagline is  “Be less than what others tell you what your business should be. Discover and be more of who you are.”
Since the art of branding is a combination of science (logic), intuition, and emotional connection, we here at The Brand Naked Agency show and then help you utilize all three in tandem in your branding.
Ask us how by clicking the button below. We’re here to support your business’s branding efforts in any way that we can.
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