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Remember the games where children would place a geometrically-shaped wooden block into the corresponding opening that was the same shape and size as the block? Well, I felt that I was trying to fit a square wooden block into a star shaped hole. It was unnatural and quite uncomfortable for me. I found that when I was trying to be something that I was not or trying to conform to the “norm” I found myself in a major struggle. Trying to force something that you’re not hard wired to do can be painstakingly and unbelievably challenging. It throws everything off kilter. Over the past year and a half, I decided to do the opposite of just that. I realized that I had to stop this internal battle of fighting against my brand’s essence because it was hindering both the brand and business. It was only when I began accepting myself and leveraging the way that I was hard wired that my brand took a huge leap forward. You may have been trying to fight against the values and identity of your brand by listening to and following all of the formulas that gurus are telling you that you need, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to fight against your personal hard wiring. Learn to accept it and use it to your advantage.


It was in 2015 that I really became burned out. That summer, I dropped my son off to college in Paris, France. That trip was a reminder to me that I wanted to help others through sharing knowledge and philanthropy, to reach others on a deeper more meaningful level, to have and live a life of freedom to travel (and eat!), and to have the ability to spend more time with my family. I no longer had the desire or energy to help people with superficial, surface-level needs but rather assist them in transforming their brands and their businesses by going narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow. I knew that it was not going to happen with the same business model that I had at the time, so I knew something had to change.

We’d rather go narrow and deep rather than wide and shallow.

I began to abandon my old business model and revamped the business with a brand new model, new offerings and a strategic plan that would push forward what was to be accomplished. I took some time off and stood back to think about what it was that I wanted the business to do, how it was to serve others, and how to reposition it to accomplish these things. The result—to help people define and tell their own stories instead of telling stories that are dictated by the marketplace or even by assumption—stories that are true to the core of their businesses and brands. The vision is to help people be transformed in both their personal as well as business lives. I also did not want people to make decisions (especially major ones) based upon assumption of what they thought that people, or more specifically, their customers, wanted. So I recharged, refocused, and repositioned the business which formed into The Brand Naked Agency (TBNA). The name was chosen because the focus for the business was to be on a business’s basic core foundational principles and using those principals to develop solutions that truly communicate the essence of the brand. TBNA was designed to focus on highly customized solutions that communicate a business’s own brand voice (which may mean going back to a business’s brand basics, or the brand’s foundation), to dress or redress in order to connect and attract the customers that businesses want and need, and then assist them in ensuring or applying their branding solutions to their internal operations. The idea for the agency is to help guide clients through the process of leveraging their brand and creating design solutions that match their brand’s voice and beliefs from the inside out. So there you have it. That’s the reason that The Brand Naked Agency came into existence.
This is a new age that we’re embarking upon. It’s the age of experimentation and innovation where business is no longer done as usual by emulating exactly what another successful brand does, how it looks, or how it acts. This is the time to discover and follow your own path with your brand as a guide for now and the future.
If you find yourself unclear about the direction of where to take your brand, if you need help with your marketing materials, or if you need help learning to live your own brand out loud by placing your mark on the world, just fill out our Project Inquiry form. If you haven’t done so already, poke around the website, especially our What We Do page so that you can see how The Brand Naked Agency can help and support your business and brand.

Until the next post, B <.

Be less than what others tell you that your business should be. Discover and be more of who you are.
Marcia McCray
Principal / Creative Director
The Brand Naked Agency™
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