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Your business has the answer to someone’s problem.

You know that you have a product or service that will fulfill the need(s) of your customers or potential customers. So how do you go about taking your customer from point A to point B with what your business has to offer them? Below is a basic process to follow for creating relevant solutions for your customers.
  1. Your customer has a problem.
  2. You listen to your customer and understand the problem that he or she has.
  3. You then acknowledge and analyze the problem.
  4. Your brand finally fulfills its brand promise through your product or service to its customers, by addressing and delivering a relevant solution(s) that will improve their lives.
Keep in mind that no part of the above process can be skipped or taken out of sequence. If you do take any of the steps out of sequence, then a major disconnect will occur and you will not create a relevant solution for those in need of your product or service. As you go through this process, don’t try to create a product or service first and then try to get customers to buy it. Long gone are the days when you would build a product or service and then customers would come. We’re in an age now where people are bombarded with so many messages from businesses in an overcrowded marketplace that only the strongly branded that fulfill their promises with consistentrelevant solutions will survive without becoming a commodity. Remember, the four major keywords from the process—problem + listen + analyze + relevant solution = a successful, genuine connection between your brand and your customers.
Are you speaking AND delivering what your customer wants or needs to make that successful connection?
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