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Consistency involves purposeful intention and repetition. You may be thinking that oh gosh, how boring to say the same thing over and over, but it really doesn’t have to be boring. The thing to remember is that you can change the way that the message is being communicated through context, without changing the message itself to your brand. Someone who does this so seamlessly is Sally Hogshead. Sally Hogshead is the founder of Fascination Advantage® assessment. One of my mastermind group friends turned me on to her system. Since I’m a sucker for digging deep into discovering more about who I am (so that I can effectively communicate this through my brand), I took the assessment and then bought her book, How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination. I was wow-ed by my results because they were so accurate. I know this is how others saw my brand because I did a mini survey from a mixed group of people (some were clients, some who knew me and some who didn’t) and all of their comments overlapped and were very much in line with the Fascination® assessment results. Since I took the assessment, I was immediately added to her email list. The beauty of her emails is that she changes the the context of her messaging without ever changing the message itself. For instance, one email that she sent out was titled “Spine Tingling Ideas…” This email tied Halloween—which was relevant for the season—with the Fascination Languages. Another email that she sent was “Are you Steve Jobs or Lady Gaga?” She listed celebrities under each of the 7 Fascination Languages. This is the perfect example of both relevancy and consistency. Every time that I receive an email from her, I get so excited and immediately open it up, because she manages to keep interest through relevancy and different contexts without ever changing her products’ and brand’s message.

In your brand, you need to first know what your message is in order to present relevant, consistent messaging.

In your brand, you need to know first what your message(s) is in order to present relevant, consistent messaging. I am a firm believer of context first followed by the creative process. Consistently expressing your brand and its unique messaging should drive all of your creative as well as your marketing efforts—nothing more and nothing less. So make sure that you’re consistent in everything regarding your business and in building your brand. Relevancy, consistency, and connection are key to the survival of your business. Stay tuned at the end of the month as my post will center around connection. It will definitely be interesting!

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