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We start naked.

Do you have the correct undergarments? Is your business dressed properly in the correct foundational garments? If you do have undergarments for your brand, do they fit or are they ragged? For the outer garments to look appropriate (which would be anything that the public sees such as your brand voice and how it looks), you need the undergarments (or foundation) to fit properly. You may need to start over by going nude (or going back to your brand’s basics) to get that perfect fit.
The Brand Naked Agency™ was founded because we were tired of rushing through projects that were surface-focused, had no meaning, and were created only for the sake of having some kind of logo design or marketing materials for an event or advertisement. If the foundation of a business is ignored or not developed properly, marketing efforts become harder and futile with little or no return on investment. When we developed marketing materials for clients, we knew that we could complete their projects swiftly (as per their requests), but at what cost? Just to have something rushed or to look pretty for an event was not something that we wanted to do. We realized that we were doing a major disservice to our clients and were determined to make it our mission to help them at a deeper, more meaningful level.
We believe that businesses need to focus on what they do best—leverage their brand consistently and make themselves relevant by authentically connecting with and answering their customers’ wants or needs—and we’re not talking about just any customers. We’re referring to connecting with the right customers for their businesses. For that to happen, a bridge must be developed and or reinforced between your brand and customers.
You don’t have to try to be a carbon copy of another business’s framework and adopt that framework in its entirety for your own. Having a deeper understanding of the identity of your brand and communicating it confidently from the inside out makes a huge difference when it comes to your marketing. It automatically sets you apart from other businesses that offer the same or similar services. That’s where we come in. We help you to discover and embrace your oneness because no two businesses are alike. Just as everyone possesses a unique fingerprint on this planet, every brand has its own distinct identity. We call this your brand print. Below is only a sample of what we offer to help you stand up and stand out. If you’re ready to take the leap, schedule an appointment with us here.

Here’s what we can help you do

  • Gain clarity and position your brand on your own terms that will benefit your business and customers in the present as well as for the future
  • Express and communicate your brand with confidence internally and externally through strategy and design
  • Create and maintain consistency across all touch points of your brand
  • Help you uncover and use your unfair advantage in the marketplace
  • Help you create and share your own brand story 
  • Help you apply your brand to the internal structure of your business
  • Develop a brand that both you and your customers love and have a connection with
Our Target Audience
  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Non-Profit Organizations
Our Specialties
  • Brand / Language Audit
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Archetype Discovery and Application
  • Brand Development
  • Customer Persona Development
  • Internal Brand Communications
  • Brand Workshops
  • Creative Art / Art Direction
  • Graphic / Web Design Strategy and Development and more…


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The Hug-a-Plush Brand

The Core Team Behind The Brand Naked Agency

Marcia McCray

Principal Founder / Brand Navigator

Dave Boyd

Associate Creative Director

Francine McCray



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